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British cats for sale:

Status AVAILABLE - mean that cat is available and you can buy it.

Status HOLD - mean that cat is hold for potencial buyer and we wait deposit from it. Maximum time when you can hold cat is 3 days. If after 3 days you not make deposit cat will be again available and other person can buy it. 

Status RESERVED - mean that buyer already made deposit for cat. And buyer will have 1 month to make rest payment and make shipping.

Status SOLD - mean that buyer already make full payment for cat and must make shipping of cat in time 1 month.


                         LAST UPDATE WAS 19 January 14:18 (Ukranian time)

Please go to the PURCHASE page and read the rules for buying kittens in our store. 

Name: Voland

Age: 1 year

Gender: male (ready for breeding)

EMS-code: BRI ns 11

Price: 400$



Name: Vladlena

Age: 4 month

Gender: female 

EMS-code: BRI a

Price: 280$



Name: Vera

Age: 1/5 year

Gender: female (proven)

EMS-code: BRI ns 25

Price: 450$



VOLAND - video

VOLAND - photos

Name: Anfisa

Age: 5 month

Gender: female 

EMS-code: BRI a

Price: 500$



VERA - video

VERA - photos

ANFISA - video

ANFISA - photos


On this page we show cats which are available or just hold.

But if you want see cats which are already sold or reserved, but still here in Ukraine and  waiting for shipping, then press here: 


  Please track whether your cat's keeping has been paid or no

VLADLENA - video

VLADLENA - video