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A cat is a living being. He really can get sick and die, there can be a million reasons, I cannot foresee everything.

If you do not understand this, do not take a cat in our cattery.

We make absolutely no guarantees and do not accept any claims. Before sending, I make a video, show that the cat is active, examine it and if outwardly I do not see signs of illness then I send it, and if there are any signs, I negotiate a replacement with the owner or change date of shipping to later time, when cat will recovery. After the cat has left the cattery, anything can happen to him and I am not responsible for him.




Also, if the buyer wants, he can order and pay additional service an injection of immunoglobulins:

- $ 15 Globfel or Vitafel for one cat

Inoglobulins create a passive immunity that lasts 7-10 days. This is an added protection for cats.


Also if the buyer wants, he can order and pay testing service in veterinary clinic for any cat:

  1. FELV+FIV (leukemia +immunodeficiency) - 50$ cost labrotary test and 40$ cost express test
  2. CCM (coronavirus) - 50$ cost labrotary test and 35$ cost express test
  3. CPV - (panleukopenia) - 50$ cost labrotary test and 35$ cost express test
  4. also 20$ cost veterinary time of doctor


Also, I can just buy such express tests in pet stores (it will be cheaper), they cost about 15-20 dollars per one. But any way need call doctor to cattery to take blood from cat, it costs above $ 25-30








You should understand that after transportation the cat requires special attention. My recommendations:

1. The main rule is quarantine. Put the cat in an aviary or a separate room. If there are other animals in your house, you need to separate them from the newly arrived cat. You must watch the new cat for at least a week. Remember that infections are airborne. Follow basic sanitary rules. You should also understand that the cat is very tired of transportation. It is necessary to provide him with care, love and tranquility. No need to annoy him in the presence of other animals.

2. Need to check whether the cat is dehydrated or not. Take the cat by the withers, if the skin does not instantly return to its original position, but stands as a house, it mean that cat is dehydrated. It is necessary to restore the water-salt balance. First, give water in a plate. If the cat doesn’t drink by itself, take a syringe (remove the needle) and pour a little 5-10ml of water into cats mouth. If you can inject, inject the cat with Ringer's solution of 30-40 ml under the skin few times per day. If you do not know how, then immediately contact your veterinarian. 

3. Our cats are used to eating natural food. This is a special minced meat boiled with rice and vegetables. But I recommend in the early days to feed the cat as delicious as possible. Therefore, try to give the cat a special wet cat food - the most delicious. Also put dry food - the most delicious. Because refusal to feed and fasting is very dangerous for a cat. It is crucial that the cat regularly eats. Later, you will gradually transfer it to proper nutrition. But in the first few days you can slightly deviate from the diet, but only if necessary.