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Mainecoon cats for sale:

EMS-code: MCO n

Price: 650$


Name: Bonny

Age: 5 month

Gender: female


Status AVAILABLE - mean that cat is available and you can buy it.

Status HOLD - mean that cat is hold for potencial buyer and we wait deposit from it. Maximum time when you can hold cat is 3 days. If after 3 days you not make deposit cat will be again available and other person can buy it. 

Status RESERVED - mean that buyer already made deposit for cat. And buyer will have 1 month (exeption lockdown COVID19) to make rest payment and make shipping.

Status SOLD - mean that buyer already make full payment for cat and must make shipping of cat in time 1 month (exeption lockdown COVID19).

LAST UPDATE WAS  26 June 2020 11:42(Ukranian time)

Dear friends, please resolve the issue of cat delivery. Because  we was keep cats free for 3 months since March. This is unprofitable and very problematic. Many other owners have long taken such a step, but we tried not to do this for as long as possible. I can no longer keep cats for free. Get in touch with your cargo agent and decide how get charter flights. This applies to cats older than 4 months.

From July 1, keeping of cats are paid, so please consider this point in final payment.