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Purchase Rules:

Our availbale cats you can look on main page CATALOG OF BREEDS you choise breed of cat and open page with cats of this breed.

Near every cat we write details of cat and price of cat. This price include - cat, pedigree wcf and veterinary passport.

When you chooise exatly cat, you need ask me put this cat to status HOLD for few days. You will have 2 days to make payment for cat and I will change status to RESERVE (if you pay only part money) or to SOLD (if you pay all money). Before shipping you need make full payment. 

Payment you can make by Money Gramm, Western Union or by swift-payment. Ask me details and I will give it to you.

If you have more questions please write me to viber, watsup, telgram +380689798030 or to my mail or to my facebook Ella Kara (Galuyk). You can always ask me to show you a video of a cat, find out its weight and character. I will be happy to answer all your questions.


Shipping Rules:

Shipping of mostly our cats make our cargo agent Eugen Marinov. To answer you how much will coast shipping I need know which exatly cat will fly. Cos price for small size is one and for big size cat can be more extpensive. Also price of shipping depend from how many cats will be in your purchase. So, please write me exatly which cats you want shipping and then I can answer to your question and give you total price. Price of shipping include - chip, box for cat, flying, veterinary documentation for flying. 

For each country there are different rules for importing animals. Therefore, with each buyer, we decide delivery individually. We always try to choose the best option.

On day of sending, we always make cat video, check chip, weight, sex of cat and send it to the buyer.


Here are the approximate prices for delivering cats to Manila (Philippines)
size 1 - 1 kitten   - $ 480
size 1 - 2 kittens - $ 575
size 1 - 3 kittens - $ 695
size 1 - 4 kittens - $ 735
size 1 - 5 kittens - $ 830

As you can see, the more cats fly in your delivery, the cheaper. Size #1 means size of box. Number one is the smallest, for cats weighing no more than 3 kg.